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Our    number    one    focus    is    our    customers.    When choosing    us    for    your    welding    fabrication    or    repair needs,    you    can    expect    the    very    best    in    quality    and customer   service.      We   will   work   with   you   every   step   of the way, making sure everything is to your satisfaction. When     doing     business     with     Badger     Diversified Metals,   you’ll   have   professional   welders   with   over   20 years   of   experience,   working   with   welding   jobs   of   any size,    from    attaching    a    handle    back    on    a    silver    tea service   to   manufacturing   a   custom   roof   curb   for   your building. If you can imagine it we can usually build it.  Our   repair   service   focuses   on   long   lasting   quality.   If it   is   broken   or   cracked,   we   can   usually   fix   and   repair any   hard   steel,   aluminum,   stainless   steel   or   metal   at   an affordable price.  

Custom Welding Fabrication & Repair Service

We Create & Manufacture many Quality products such as:

Welding & Fabrication Shop Services:

We can Repair all of your equipments, including:

Hours: M-F  7am-3:30pm  Closed Weekend